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Mount Kurama, Kyoto (鞍馬山, 京都) - on Flickr

Karasu Scenery
Okay, third post for this place but I totally saved the best for last. So Yuki and I have this habit of accidentally climbing mountains and it happened again this time. We continued on the path away from the temple and found the most holy mother of god majestic magical straight from Ghibli mountain forest I’ve ever seen. This is basically exactly how I pictured the scenery in Karasu, right in front of my face on tengu mountain and I was just overwhelmed with a motherfucking downpour of inspiration.

I just.

I can’t.

But believe me I am going to write up a storm because of this place. I mean just look at it.

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tropical rainforests cover only 2 percent of the earth’s surface but contain over half of the planet’s plant and animal species. the current rate of deforestation is about 1 acre every second (or an area the size of a football pitch, as seen in the third photo). this accounts for 20 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, which is double what all cars, trucks and planes emit combined. rainforests also produce a fifth of the oxygen we breath (though most actually comes from phytoplankon in the ocean.)

photos by per anders petterson in fiejo, acre state, brazil, showing the average three acres that are cut down there every minute, and stian bergeland in altamira, para state, brazil. lungs of the earth by conservation international

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